All Stylist levels are trained and certified on The Wink Lab proprietary lash application method, the lash artist is trained for months before she gets a client behind the chair. It consist of at least 3 months of practicing on models. As a Stylist advances in their skill level, they are trained on additional services offered at The Wink Lab as well as advanced level application methods. The different levels of Stylist are determined based on a variety of factors. Their skill-set, knowledge-base, application speed, quality, and tenure are a few of the factors that lead to Senior and/or Master level promotions. Master Stylists are our top stylists and are the lead experts in the salon. Not only do they demonstrate a mastery level in lash application, but they also provide training and guidance in all aspects of the salon, from application to customer interactions.


These lightweight, synthetic mink lashes come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and degrees of curl. Classic lashes are done by placing one extension to one individual natural lash to create natural-looking fullness and curl and the look of a perfectly applied coat of mascara. Classic sets are more natural-looking with between 100-150 lashes per eye and need to be maintained with “Classic Fills.”


A Volume lash consists of 3-6 individual lashes that create a fan that's applied to one natural lash. Using the most lightweight and damage-free extensions on the market, delicate handmade fans of lashes are applied to your natural lashes to create volume, fluffier and softness only dreamed of before! Never have lash extensions been so safe, soft, and natural. All lengths and degree of curl are available to create looks from subtle to sultry and anything in between! Volume lashes can be done either naturally or dramatically. Upwards of 300-400 lashes are applied per eye and volume fills need to be maintained with a volume fill.


This is a mix of volume and classic, perfect balance of natural and dramatic


Fills include a partial removal of any loose lashes and a replacement of lost lashes between fills. Please be aware that you should not try to space your fills too far apart. Fill timing is mostly dependent on home care, sleeping habits, and natural shedding processes. If you arrive for your fill with less than half of your full set remaining, this can start a bad cycle of not being full enough. You should come for your fill BEFORE you begin to notice you are sparse.


Lash lifts set the shape of your natural lashes using a keratin solution. "A lift is essentially what your lash would be doing with a really good mechanical curler, so giving a nice shape upward and a realistic curl. The only thing is we recommend is if you want a more dramatic result, then going on something like a lash serum to grow your lashes as long as possible.


At The Wink Lab we are proud to offer eyelash products, supplies and certified instruction to all beauty professionals.


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